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Helping Kids Enjoy Junior Golf

Helping Kids Enjoy Junior Golf

Seeing your child excited to play golf and develop their skills can be an incredibly proud moment for any parent. However, with so many youth sports vying for their attention, how do you spark an ongoing interest in golf rather than a passing fad?

The key is providing an encouraging environment that focuses on fun over performance. Here are some tips to help your aspiring golfer fall in love with the game:

Start with Equipment Made for Juniors

Don't just cut down your old adult clubs. Begin by getting properly fitted, lightweight junior golf clubs designed for smaller golfers. The right shafts, grips, and clubhead sizes will help them gain confidence and consistency.

Make the Course Kid-Friendly

Don't overwhelm them with an 18-hole marathon right away. Begin at short courses or preferably par-3 courses with holes under 150 yards. This allows them to use appropriate junior clubs they can handle and find success on holes.

Focus on Bonding Time

Golf is perfect for quality time with your son or daughter. Ask about their friends at school, plans for the week - the course sets the scene for meaningful life conversations.

Teach Golf Etiquette

Help them learn golf's codes of conduct like honoring fellow players’ shots, fixing divots, and being considerate of pace of play. Kids who embrace etiquette tend to stick with golf for life.

Add Games and Contests

Incorporate fun side challenges like closest to the pin contests, putting tournaments, and games to match or beat scores from previous rounds. Friendly competition keeps it lively.

Provide Encouragement

When they hit a wayward shot or struggle, emphasise that it's all part of learning. Celebrate good shots and efforts rather than criticising mistakes.

Make Practice Fun

Spending time at the driving range and putting green should feel like play, not work. Bring snacks, chat with other junior golfers, and make targets for hitting range balls.

With the right golf equipment, environment and approach, your kids will look forward to the course rather than dread it. Keep golf fun for juniors, and you’ll set them up to love the game for a lifetime. 

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