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Free Shipping On Orders Over £25 - Call Us On 0333 090 7644
Ultimate Guide to Stewart Golf: Everything You Need to Know

Ultimate Guide to Stewart Golf: Everything You Need to Know

Stewart Golf is revolutionising the world of electric golf trolleys.

This is just the beginning.

Stewart Golf Overview

Founded in 2003, Stewart Golf is synonymous with innovation, targeting the premium segment. Manufacturing their bespoke trolleys in Great Britain, they focus on cutting-edge technology and impeccable craftsmanship, ensuring each model epitomises durability, functionality, and sophisticated design.

Company History

Stewart Golf was founded in 2003, with a vision to revolutionise golf trolleys.

Stewart Golf is renowned for its meticulously handcrafted electric golf trolleys, made in Great Britain.

In 2003, the company showcased its first major innovation with the X1 Remote, a groundbreaking product that leveraged advanced remote control technology to enhance the golfer's experience on the course.

Continuing its tradition of innovation, Stewart Golf introduced the X9 Follow in 2014, which marked a significant advancement with its 'follow me' technology, allowing golfers to focus more on their game while the trolley autonomously follows them.

Unique Selling Points

Stewart Golf trolleys are renowned for their cutting-edge remote control and follow-me technologies, setting them apart from competitors.

Their products offer unparalleled reliability, crafted to meet the highest standards of quality.

Stewart Golf integrates precision engineering with state-of-the-art features, ensuring each trolley meets the rigorous demands of modern golfers, who seek convenience, performance, and sophistication.

These distinctive attributes contribute to their superior market positioning, allowing them to command a loyal customer base and secure industry recognition. Furthermore, their commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction is evident in their ever-evolving product range, catering to the increasing expectations of discerning golfers.

Product Range

Stewart Golf's product range includes an impressive selection of electric golf trolleys, each designed to enhance the golfer's experience. Their models, like the X10 Follow and VERTEX Remote, cater to varying preferences and needs.

In addition to trolleys, Stewart Golf offers a variety of accessories, such as battery chargers, carry bags, and umbrella holders. This comprehensive range ensures that every aspect of the golfer's journey is supported, from transport and storage to on-course convenience.

Electric Trolleys

Electric trolleys revolutionise the golfing experience, turning what could be a strenuous task into an enjoyable, effortless journey across the course. They provide not just mobility but also enhance the overall efficiency of one's game.

These trolleys operate on a rechargeable battery system that lasts through a typical round. This eliminates the need for manual effort in transporting golf clubs across the green.

Furthermore, electric trolleys from Stewart Golf, like the X10 Follow, offer advanced features such as automatic following technology. This allows the trolley to follow the golfer's movements seamlessly.

Stewart Golf's VERTEX Remote model expands on this with remote-controlled functionality. Imagine steering your trolley around with pinpoint precision, ensuring it’s always in the perfect spot.

In addition, both models come equipped with robust, weather-resistant designs. This ensures longevity and performance, regardless of varying course conditions, providing reliability for the most demanding of golfers.

Ultimately, electric trolleys exemplify Stewart Golf's dedication to enhancing the golfer's experience. These technologically advanced tools make each round more enjoyable by reducing physical strain and focusing on the game itself.

Remote-Controlled Models

Remote-controlled golf trolleys from Stewart Golf offer pinnacle convenience and state-of-the-art technology. What sets these apart from conventional manual or electric trolleys?

In 2016, Stewart Golf introduced a game-changing innovation, launching the X9 Follow, a remote-controlled model. This was a revolutionary move that signified the brand’s commitment to marrying technology with golfing needs.

Now, it's not just about carrying clubs; it's about doing so with style and precision. The remote capabilities allow you to manoeuvre your trolley with ease, ensuring it’s always positioned optimally, whether you’re at the tee or green.

Gone are the days of manually pulling or pushing your cart. Instead, the X10 Follow, for example, supports advanced engineering, featuring seamless wireless connectivity, and the ability to traverse various terrains effortlessly.

This innovation has also been designed with high-quality materials to withstand tough conditions, ensuring both functionality and durability for any golfer, anytime.

Technology and Innovation

Stewart Golf's technology integrates precision engineering, a touch of innovative spirit, and a dedication to improving the golfer's experience. Advanced features like Bluetooth connectivity, gyroscopic control, and automated following systems highlight Stewart Golf's commitment to delivering a seamless golfing experience. These sophisticated technologies ensure that the trolleys not only navigate effortlessly but also maintain stability and reliability across diverse course conditions.

Advanced Features

The advanced features of Stewart Golf trolleys set them apart in the field.

Notably, the Follow technology exemplified in models like the X10 Follow allows the trolley to autonomously follow the golfer, maintaining an optimal distance.

This is achieved through state-of-the-art Bluetooth connectivity combined with innovative gyroscopic control systems, ensuring the trolley remains stable and reliable.

Additionally, these trolleys are equipped with advanced digital displays, providing real-time data on battery life, distance covered, and other pertinent information useful on the course.

Such innovations significantly enhance the overall golfing experience, reducing manual effort and increasing focus on the game.

Design and Materials

Understanding design and materials is pivotal in evaluating the quality of Stewart Golf trolleys.

Stewart Golf places a strong emphasis on engineering excellence, with each trolley meticulously crafted to ensure both durability and aesthetic appeal. Utilising aerospace-grade aluminium frames allows these carts to be both lightweight and robust.

Polymer composites are strategically incorporated into the design to enhance flexibility and resilience, ensuring the trolleys can withstand the rigours of the golf course while maintaining a sleek, modern appearance.

Attention to detail extends to the trolleys' ergonomic handles, which are designed for comfort and ease of use, making prolonged periods of use stress-free. Additionally, precision-milled components contribute to the overall seamless function of the trolleys.

In conclusion, the marriage of advanced materials with thoughtful design ensures Stewart Golf trolleys offer premium performance and longevity.

Warranty Details

Stewart Golf offers a robust warranty to ensure peace of mind for their customers.

  • Coverage Period: Typically 24 months from the date of purchase.
  • Included Services: Repairs or replacements for manufacturer defects.
  • Exclusions: General wear and tear, accidental damage, and unauthorised modifications.
  • Proof of Purchase: Required for warranty claims.
  • Process: Simple registration via their website to activate the warranty.

This warranty highlights Stewart Golf’s commitment to quality and reliability.

Access to these benefits guarantees that your investment is safeguarded.

Customers are encouraged to review the full warranty terms to understand the extent of coverage.


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